Saturday, October 22, 2005

David Bowie :: Guitar :: Ziggy Stardust

The blistering guitar work on Bowie's 1972 gem Ziggy Stardust was the doing of none other than glam-god Mick Ronson. It's grinding, toxic-boogie tone is classic Ronson. Mick's guitar setup for the song was as follows: Ronson used to plug his 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom (stripped finish) straight into the "Pig" ( 200-watt Marshall Major w/ a 4 x 12 Marshall Slant Cab) with a Vox Tone Bender Pedal and a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal between the guitar and the Amp. Ronson pulled all the controls on the amp to maximum and then he pushed the Cry Baby to a level where he liked the sound. Then he just played. Mick Ronson used the pedal as a mid-range booster. Actually it was the Cry Baby that made that special Ronno sound. -Robert Sjöö

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