Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cream :: Guitar :: Sunshine of Your Love

Clapton pioneered a new tone for the record, a tone he christened, "woman tone", due to it's softness and warmth. The song Sunshine of Your Love, in particular, showcases this tone. "According to Clapton, the "woman-tone" is achieved by rolling the tone control all the way off on either the neck or the bridge pickup of a guitar with humbucking pickups and the volume all the way up. Heavy strings and a bassy-sounding amp at high volume also helps to achieve that wooing, whooshing tone. In fact, a lot of Clapton's "woman tone" was achieved this way [with a wah-wah pedal], with the pedal about three-quarters back from the forward position." -Guitar Player Magazine (March 1993)

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