Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cream :: Bass :: White Room

For the recording of White Room, Cream bassist Jack Bruce used a Gibson EB-3 bass, a Marshall Super Bass 100 amplifier, and a Marshall 4 x 12 cabinet.

At the time they were recording Disraeli Gears, Dan Armstrong was working with Eric and Jack; he literally had a small shop set up in the studio, and if they wanted a certain sound, Dan would come up with some inventions for them. So in lieu of Jack blowing up bass cabinets – which he did a lot, and continued to do when I was on the road with him – Dan installed a diode in the #2 position of the pickup switch, which caused some overdrive; made it sound distorted. -Bruce Gary (current owner of Bruce's EB-3)

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At 6:09 AM, Anonymous gibson bass said...

The EB3 is such a great bass - maybe not as reliable as some modern basses, but great none the less. Pity Jack didn't pick one up for the cream reunion shows.

Check this Gibson EB3 bass page


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